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What’s In Season

Worldwide Produce Direct works with produce growers around the world to supply restaurants and retail customers with seasonal produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables. We contract with growers, in many different geographic regions so that we can provide fresh wholesome product throughout the year. We monitor worldwide produce trends to ensure we can offer the season produce our customers require for their business.

  • Vegetables

    Commodity Quality Market
    Asparagus Good Higher
    Bell Peppers (Western) Good Steady
    Bell Pepper (Eastern) Good Higher
    Broccoli Good Steady
    Carrots Good Steady
    Cauliflower Good Steady
    Celery Good Steady
    Cucumbers (Western) Good Steady
    Cucumbers (Eastern) Good Steady
    Eggplant (Western) Good Steady
    Eggplant (Eastern) Good Steady
    Lettuce: Iceberg Fair Higher
    Onions Good Steady
    Squash (Western) Good Steady
    Squash (Eastern) Good Steady
    Tomatoes (Western) Good Steady
    Tomatoes (Eastern) Good Steady
  • Mushrooms

    Commodity Quality Market
    Button Good Higher
    Medium Good Steady
    Crimini Good Higher
    Sliced Crimini Good Higher
    Porabella Good Steady
    Portabella Cap Good Higher
    Shittake Good Steady
    Sliced Good Steady
    Sliced Bucket Good Steady
    Silver Dollar Good Higher
  • Herbs

    Commodity Quality Market
    BASIL 5# 1# Good Steady
    MINT 1# ¼# Fair Steady
    ROSEMARY 1# ¼# Good Steady
    SAGE ¼# Good Steady
    TARRAGON ½# Fair Steady
    THYME ½# ¼# Good Steady
    OREGANO ¼# Good Steady
    CHIVES 1 oz Good Steady
    CILANTRO 30 count 1# Good Higher
    CURLY PARSLEY 1# 30 count Good Steady
    MICROGREENS Good Higher
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